Gay Wedding Planner

Our Wedding Planning Services

We work with various same sex wedding planners in the United States. With our relationships we help people find the perfect wedding planner fit. Whatever your dreams or desires, we can help you. Our service is entirely free. We look forward to working with you!

We are dedicated to providing wedding planning services to couples wishing to take the next step in their relationship by committing their lives to one another through marriage, civil unions, and other alternative commitment ceremonies. We believe in and fully support same sex marriage. We believe in equality for all humans and are proud to help people fulfill their dreams.

We specialize in same-sex weddings and cater to the unique challenges a gay wedding may present. We treat each of our clients with dignity and respect and strive to create a an experience of a lifetime for both brides and grooms.

Why Gay couples Prefer Our Services

The gay wedding industry is relatively new and growing. Unfortunately, there are more considerations and obstacles for a same sex couple than a heterosexual couple. Same sex partners often get overwhelmed and discouraged and these are the last emotions you want present during what should be a time of joy and elation. Oftentimes we find that brides and grooms beating their heads against a wall. This is where we come in. Our wedding planners have years of experience with same sex weddings and will guide you along the way.

Considerations when Selecting a Planner

A gay wedding is more than transforming a heterosexual ritual into a gay-friendly one. It’s a statement and a step in the direction of equality. We understand and respect every aspect of the process. It’s important to select a wedding planner sensitive to topics specific to gay couples, your families and friends.

A planner with same sex marriage experience is better suited to get to the heart of your concerns and address your needs organically. Same-sex couples can be assured that they will be treated with the utmost respect throughout the process as we strive to ensure the entire event is presented in a gay-friendly atmosphere and the celebration of each union is given the respect it deserves.

We strive to help keep the momentum of marriage equality moving forward. We provide exceptional wedding planning services to same-sex couples in an effort to support them in enhancing their relationships through commitment. We feel it’s important to select a planner that fully grasps the enormity and importance of same sex weddings.

Our services

The goal of any wedding planner is to create a memorable event tailored to the couples’ personalities and tastes. A wedding planner can coordinate the entire event from the invitations to the honeymoon flight. Planners are tasked with ensuring the entire event is within budget. With years of built up connections, an arsenal of vendors and contacts on-hand, we have the resources to create a ceremony as beautiful and unique as you are.

Our services include:

– Phone and in-person consultations

– Wedding theme design

– Budget planning

– Vendor recommendations including music, décor, floral, guest favors, catering, photographer, videographer, officiate, venue and stationary.

– Vendor scheduling

– Management of vendor deposits and payments

– Placement of newspaper announcements

– Wedding party wardrobe selection and schedule fittings

– Coordinate guest accommodations

– Wedding party transportation

– Schedule menu tastings

– Schedule salon services for wedding party

– Bachelor or Bachelorette party planning

– Manage wedding day setup

– Onsite wedding management

– Collection of wedding gifts

– Collection of various wedding items to be returned to brides or grooms (cake topper, champagne flutes, floral bouquets, etc.)

We also provide planning services for destination weddings including travel itinerary, vendor selection and wedding day coordination.

Depending on special requests other services may be provided in addition to those listed above. Wedding plans can be created a la carte. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.

Your Special Day

Your wedding is about the commitment the two of you are making to each other and your willingness to stand up in front of close friends and family and declare your love and devotion to one another. We are committed to helping you create the perfect setting in which to make that commitment. In our hands your vision of the wedding of your dreams is possible. You are free to enjoy your special day with your partner, friends and family while we handle the details.