Gay Wedding Planner in Los Angeles

Finding the Perfect Planner for your Gay Wedding

If you are looking for a gay and/or gay friendly wedding planner in the Los Angeles area, you’re in the right place.

Finding the person that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with can be a thrilling experience; however, planning that special day can be anything but. Once cupid’s arrow strikes and the “big question” is popped, couples often find themselves in a head spin. The stress of planning a wedding leads many couples to hire a wedding planner to take care of each and every special detail of the big event. Finding that perfect wedding planner doesn’t have to be as difficult as finding your future partner. Keep these three tips in mind when searching for the perfect person to plan your perfect day:

Style: What type of event would you like to have? Does that planner have a similar style? Many wedding planners keep portfolios to clue you in on their style and if they follow a certain pattern. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or examples of past events.

Venue: One of the first questions to answer when planning a wedding is the venue. Be sure to look for a planner with experience in the type venue you are requesting. There are tons of gay-friendly venues available for weddings. A versed same sex wedding planner will help you find and select the best fit for you.

Cost: No doubt budget will be one of the first discussions you have with your wedding planner, and being upfront about all costs associated with the planning process could avoid some un-needed problems after the ceremony.

These three simple tips can aid the process of finding and hiring a wedding planner. Planning gay weddings are full of their own challenges, and often require a special wedding planner that is sensitive to the particular challenges that such ceremonies may present. Several major cities have seen an increase in planners specifically advertising the ability to meet the needs of these special events, including Los Angeles, Honolulu and New York. But how do you decide on the perfect planner for your gay wedding? Is it important to find a planner specifically marketed as a gay wedding planner? Our answer to this question, is emphatically, YES! A same sex wedding requires unique perspective and experience that only a planner who is fully invested understands. We partner with planners that are either gay and have been through the process or have years of experience catering to same sex couples. This is critical to making sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Hiring a wedding planner specifically experienced in gay wedding planning can help you to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situations that you may not have anticipated. A same-sex wedding ceremony carries a weight that is different than a typical heterosexual marriage, and that needs to be understood by all parties involved. A planner that is sensitive to the unique nature of your ceremony will help to make the event as comfortable, unique, and memorable as possible for you, your partner, and your guests.